Day 22: Collections

Human beings are funny creatures. What is the driving force that makes us want to collect things? Throughout my younger years, I collected stickers, unicorns, dragons, and posters of 80’s hair bands. In my adult years, I have collected fairies, but have moved on to things some would consider spooky, along with something else that is so popular, you may even have one or two of your own.

Let’s look at the popular first. Pop! vinyl figures by Funko have taken the nation by storm. There is seriously a figure for just about everything you can imagine. Monty Python and the Holy Grail? I have three from that set myself. Flash Gordon? Emperor Ming looks down upon me menacingly in all his tiny evil glory.   The Walking Dead? Oh yeah, I have them, including black and white Daryl Dixon.

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem when it comes to these little guys. There is just something about them that capture us and demand that we take them home with us. To date, one of the most brilliant things that I have seen done with them, is when a friend of mine went to England on vacation. He took Thor and Jon Snow with him and did several exceptional shots, from the plane to Stonehenge, his two companions created a spectacular photo experience like none I have ever seen.

Taking a look at the Spooky. Well, let me start by saying, I don’t think they are spooky and no, I am not creeped out with Living Dead Dolls watching over me while I sleep.  When my great nephew was 2 years old, and we babysat, he came into my bedroom in search of my cats and when he looked up and saw the dolls, his little mouth hung open and he looked from the dolls to me, back to the dolls and back to me and said, “Babies…..not funny!” Since that day, when he comes to visit, he has to go and check to see if the babies are still there.


Day 22: Collections Meet Posey 

My first Living Dead Doll was a birthday gift from my husband, and I fell in love with her instantly. Posey has a subtle creepiness about her that is just top drawer and became the foundation of my doll collection. I immediately hit the website looking to see what other dolls existed and to this day, I am still in awe of what they create. When we found the Psycho set, I knew hands down this was a duo I had to own. As I love Mr. Hitchcock’s work, AND they were in black and white, Norman/Mother and Janet would be mine!

My husband’s collection is a little more sensible I guess you would say. When you mash a cop with Peter Pan Syndrome, you get a collection of law enforcement toys. Lego’s, toy cars, police rubber duckies, he has quite the collection of cop toys.

We collect for the pure enjoyment of it, not for any other particular reason. We want to surround ourselves with things that make us happy and are pleasing to us. So, whatever you collect, may it bring you that simple childlike joy every time you gaze upon your collection.


365 Perspective Intro

I have been curious about doing a 365 photo project, but have always told myself I wouldn’t have time to take such a project on, especially during fireworks season. Last week, I decided to put that fear to rest and take the plunge and go ahead and create one. Why let another year of good intentions pass me by. It’s time to take the camera by the lens and shoot my world. 

Before making this commitment, I spent some time researching out themes, prompts and ideas on how to do a successful year in photos, and while I ran across some great material and blog posts, I decided that this first year would be titled “Daily Inspiration”.  Rather than use someone else’s ideas, I plan to take each day and find things in my day that speak to me and let them be the prompts for my daily walk in photos. 

One thing this will surely do is diversify my Instagram account. Mostly, I share the nature photos I take while hiking or geocaching. Now and then I throw some random photos in, but my passion lies primarily in the nature genre. I am excited to see what will each day is going to present for me to share with my followers both there and on Twitter and Facebook. 

While the focus of this project is with the photos themselves, I also plan to use this outlet as a daily photo journal. This will give the backstory to each day’s photo as well as the inspiration behind it. There is more to a photo than just the story you see with the eye, and what better way to showcase that.

The calendar kicks off on Halloween! No waiting until January. No waiting until the first of the month. I plan to take my favorite holiday and begin my journey then. I hope that you will join me, share your comments and feedback, and maybe even start your own 365 and allow me to be part of your own journey of a year in photos.