365 Perspective Intro

I have been curious about doing a 365 photo project, but have always told myself I wouldn’t have time to take such a project on, especially during fireworks season. Last week, I decided to put that fear to rest and take the plunge and go ahead and create one. Why let another year of good intentions pass me by. It’s time to take the camera by the lens and shoot my world. 

Before making this commitment, I spent some time researching out themes, prompts and ideas on how to do a successful year in photos, and while I ran across some great material and blog posts, I decided that this first year would be titled “Daily Inspiration”.  Rather than use someone else’s ideas, I plan to take each day and find things in my day that speak to me and let them be the prompts for my daily walk in photos. 

One thing this will surely do is diversify my Instagram account. Mostly, I share the nature photos I take while hiking or geocaching. Now and then I throw some random photos in, but my passion lies primarily in the nature genre. I am excited to see what will each day is going to present for me to share with my followers both there and on Twitter and Facebook. 

While the focus of this project is with the photos themselves, I also plan to use this outlet as a daily photo journal. This will give the backstory to each day’s photo as well as the inspiration behind it. There is more to a photo than just the story you see with the eye, and what better way to showcase that.

The calendar kicks off on Halloween! No waiting until January. No waiting until the first of the month. I plan to take my favorite holiday and begin my journey then. I hope that you will join me, share your comments and feedback, and maybe even start your own 365 and allow me to be part of your own journey of a year in photos.