Day 4: The Secret Life of Cats

We have always been cat people. With as much as we are on the go, dogs are just too high maintenance and require a lot more attention than cats do. We have always been a 2 cat household until recently when my mother’s cat had a litter and threw a baby too cute to pass up. Now, we have 3 cats who keep us on our toes with what shenanigans they will pull next. 

Much like humans, cats have their own unique personalities and quirks.

Mr. Bubbles and the Spider

Meet Mr. Bubbles, our most recent addition to the family who has claimed my youngest son as his human. We tapped into his love for fake, Halloween spiders when he decided to use our two giant spiders as a kitty playground. We quickly realized that we would need to give home one of his very own, and we tied a cat toy to it to keep him away from Kronk and Ysma. It partially worked. Now that I have stripped the house of Halloween decorations, his spiders remain and are not just toys, but makeshift pillows as well.  Mr. Bubbles also has an alias. He has the quietest meow. It is almost non existent…. that is until it’s time to eat and then Banshee Bubbles comes out. He finds his voice and wails until the food is in front of him.


Anubis is my baby. I had always wanted a black cat, and when Bast, who I will share about later passed away, we found Anubis a couple of weeks later and adopted him. This cat is an attention whore and a cry baby. When he decides it is time for me to love on him, nothing will get in his way. His favorite time to demand affection is when I am at the computer, and he is relentless. He is also the emperor to Darth Bubbles and has taken our newest family member under his paw.

Officer Pebbles

Pebbles is the queen bee of the house and is very much my husband’s cat. She is the oldest of our trio and has an attitude proving she is the true ruler of the household.  She tolerates us all, but really only has affection for my husband, and when he gets home from work, she lets him know that she didn’t give him permission to leave for the day and that it is now time for penance. She then commandeers his lap and proceeds to take a nap.  While wanting to think she is a big tuff kitty who can rule the outside as well as the inside, she will sit at the window, wait for her chance to try to get outside, only to freak out once she is there. To quote from The Lion King “Let me out, let me out!” “Let me in, let me in!” Both lines provided by her.

Bast, my old man

The first cat I truly fell in love with was my old man, Bast. I had decided before we got him, the next cat we got, regardless of gender would be named after the Egyptian cat goddess. When  my twins found this poor little stray, covered in fleas and starving, he stole my heart that first moment. He was frisky before he grew into adulthood, and even then had his moments. He was a mint addict and would go nuts over the smell of peppermint, which I planted on his grave when we buried him.  In 2014, he became ill and when we found that it was untreatable, the vet recommended that we put him to sleep so that his passing would not be painful. To date, it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. The day after my birthday, we said our goodbyes and I held him in my arms as he slipped from this life. I’m not going to lie, just writing about it is making me tear up. I truly miss my old man.

Last night, we watched a documentary on Netflix called “The Lion in Your Living Room”. For over half of it, Mr. Bubbles sat and watched with us. My husband even took video as it was quite unbelievable to behold. Midway through, he decided his boy needed his attention and went to curl up with him. 

Cats are amazing, fun, and interesting animals. They are affectionate, until they aren’t, and make my world so much more lively.