Day 58: Do Good To Others

Today, was one of those lessons in doing good to our fellow man, helping when we can. 

My mother and I were headed to Pawnee and Tulsa to take care of some things and were on hwy 69 headed out of Muskogee when a car flipped a u-turn and headed back south in the northbound lanes, almost hitting us head on. 

We were able to see that the driver was an older man, and that he flipped yet another u-turn and pulled off on the side of the road. We turned around to check to make sure he was ok, not knowing what would cause him to do so. 

We found out, his wife is in a nursing home and he was trying to go see her. He confused the street name with the name of the town and was reallly struggling to figure out where he was trying to go. 

My mom sat and talked with him for a bit and called the facitlity where his wife is and offered to drive him over to see her, which he thankfully agreed to. She came back and asked me if I minded taking a side trip, to which my response was “of course not.” This man needed our aid, and we were at the right place at the right time in order to help him. How could we selfishly leave him in such a situation? The answers is, we couldn’t. What if this were an member of my family? I can only hope someone would do the same for them. 

As I am putting my thoughts down, we are at the facitlity his wife is in, and he is sitting patiently, waiting to see her. This is not at all how I planned for my day to go, but I wouldn’t change it. We have met a sweet old man, who desperately love his wife, as I know my own husband loves me. Life is precious and helping Carl has been the highlight of my day.