Closed For the Season… Sort Of 

There is one particular time of year that busy is an understatement. Fireworks season. This ear, I have also joined the ranks of Castle Christmas and will be running the Christmas Store in the Garden Room. Because of this, while the 365 Project will continue on Instagram, the coinciding blog posts will be hit and miss if they happen. I hope that you will follow me on Instagram as the photos unfold, because while in Muskogee and at the Castle, interesting pics are bound to happen. 

The best thing about working Christmas for me, is that I get to reunite with my beloved fireworks for sales from Dec 15-31. It will also give me an opportunity to dust the cobwebs off my other blog site:

Yes, we have our own 500 gram heavyweight! Posted originally on my fireworks blog site.

I have one more 365 post headed your way tomorrow, so be sure not to miss that one. Please have a safe and magnificent holiday season, and look for and capture the beauty in each day.


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