Day 21: I Love the Smell of Gunpowder in the Morning

Day 21: I Love the Smell of Gunpowder in the Morning

Being how I grew up in a hunting family, one would think that I a natural and comfortable around guns. While I’ve never had a problem being around guns, handling them myself was a different matter. Even the thought of holding a gun would make me nervous and kind of queasy. When my husband and I were dating, we were out in the country and he wanted me to shoot his AR. The conversation went something like this.

Him: “Here shoot this, it’s fun.”

Me: “You REALLY don’t want me to shoot your gun.”

Him: ” Go on, I promise you will like this, it’s fun.”

Me: “You don’t understand, you REALLLLLY don’t want me to do this.”

Him: “Here.” (puts gun in my hands)

Me: “…….” (has no clue how to even hold a handgun, let alone an AR)

BANG ….gun hits sandy ground



He never pressed me to shoot a gun again, and still blames me for all the sand he had to clean out of the thing. Did I not tell him that he didn’t want me to shoot it?

It wasn’t until a few years ago, that the thought about learning how to shoot wouldn’t leave me alone. I still was apprehensive and couldn’t get past my own mind that there was no way I could do this.  That was when my husband the instructor showed up. He set up a target and gave me an air soft pistol that shoots the little soft bb’s, and began working with me on how to handle a gun. I have to give him major credit. He never pushed me to learn how to shoot. He never tried to force it on me, he let me make the decision that I was finally ready and showed extreme patience as I learned from the ground up the basics of grip, stance, watching the front site, and so on.

When I finally was comfortable with the air soft, I gathered my courage and picked up a .22 pistol. While the concept is the same, jumping from a plastic air soft, to a real metal gun, with real led bullets was yet another block to overcome. But, with the passage of time, and spending time putting bullets downrange, it has become somewhat addictive and now, I find myself looking forward to the days I can get out and shoot, competing against myself to center my shots better with each trip to the range. I even took the plunge and am the proud owner of a little Walther P.22, and as temperamental as this gun is about ammo, I still love her. With time, I have also taken to shooting my husband’s Shield 9 mil and now I look back to when the thought of even touching a gun made me uneasy, I look proudly at myself and say, “You did it, girl!”

While some may think the point of this particular 365 is about the topic of guns, it’s actually more about overcoming your own fears and mindsets. It took me over 30 years to overcome this one, so the message is this. Don’t let your mind, your doubts, you uneasiness or stubbornness keep you from doing something. Push through and conquer them and find yourself victorious.



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