Day 18: The Passage of Time

I find it somewhat amazing that there are buildings and structures that are still standing after hundreds of years. They stand tall in their history and glory and are stunning to behold. I find it equally amazing, that there are other buildings and structures that have not been around even a fraction of the time and are in heartbreaking disrepair and dilapidated.

Day 18: The Passage of Time. Courtyard gate at The Heritage Manor

One such building, is where my husband and I got married, almost 25 years ago. The Heritage Manor was a lovely bed and breakfast found out in northwest Oklahoma, complete with hot tub on the roof. The ceremony was held in the courtyard, and we exchanged our vows on the middle balcony before friends and family. Complete with horse drawn carriage and singing to the man about to become my husband, July 25, 1992 will forever be the most important day of my life. It was the doorway for every other great memory to be built upon.

While out modern day treasure hunting, there was a cache listed at the entry to the drive leading up to the manor. When we pulled up, my hand went to my mouth as I took in the sight before me. How sad to see the place where we joined our lives together falling apart at the seams. Once the shock had passed, I then thought, how amazing this is on the flip side of that coin, to see what being forgotten coupled with time had done to the place. It then opened the discussion for the great what if. What if we could hold our silver anniversary vow renewal here, where it all began.

We had already been working on plans to have a zombie themed renewal and the possibility of having it in a cemetery, but what could be more perfect than to change the location to where our history merged. As we walked around the courtyard and up the stone steps, we talked about our wedding day and formulated plans and ideas for the upcoming event. What if we could replicate some of the shots from out wedding done in our zombie finery and the morbid setting that was once a storybook scene? I looked into the eyes of my husband, and as he looked back, they sparkled with glee at the thought of saying “I Do” here once again.

Before leaving, we stood upon the steps where one of our favorite wedding photos was shot and took a quick photo, letting the passage of time, the memories of the past, the promise of the future wash over us. It was nostalgic, bittersweet and one of the greatest afternoons of our married life.


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