Day 16: No Introduction Needed

It goes without saying that each of my children are unique individuals unto themselves. You could peg them just as easily by their personalities as you can by actually looking at them. None more so than my youngest. Jeremiah is fixing to turn 17. With him more than the others, I wonder where the the time really has gone.

Jeremiah is the one I could use the analogy of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. A sarcastic, quit witted butterfly, but one none the less. He went from being a shy, introverted and empathetic little boy to this teenage man-child who no longer has a fear of what people may think of him, although he still retains that empathetic heart. He is so secure on who he is, that it is a great example even to us adults to just simply LIVE.


Day 16: No Introduction Needed

Not only is he sharp as a tack, he is exceedingly intelligent. He will start spitting out math stuff and I will have to remind him that he is speaking math and not English and that if he wants me to be able to participate in the conversation he will have to change it up some. Hand in hand with his intellect, his talent for music it astounding beyond measure. (Did get the music pun there? Measure? ……)

In 5th grade he decided he wanted to play trumpet. And having older brothers in the high school band, he would pick up what they were playing by ear, and could actually look at flute or saxophone music and transpose it to trumpet. He didn’t stop there, however. He started learning other instruments by just playing them. Trombone, baritone, tuba all came to him with ease.

His talent overlaps with  his passion for the band. He treats it with the seriousness it deserves, while having fun with what he is doing.

With a quirkiness to rival the ages, he has taken the OKRF community by storm and has multiple mothers and family that have adopted him. He spends his festival days hanging out in the gypsy camp as Pink, and is also the lost laundry lad.


If ever there was a child who broke the mold, it is this one. Full of wit, charm, smarts, passion and compassion, Jeremiah is a total package human being, and one who makes both his parents very proud.


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