Day 15: The Diversity of Quiet Skies

I have never met Amy in person. I actually met her virtually through a mutual friend who happens to be an author. With both of us having a deep love for books, we found ourselves on the fast track to friendship. One day, I will have the pleasure of meeting her in person as I refuse to let a little thing like half a country ever stop that. 

Amy is a diverse, jack of all trades artist, meaning the woman can simply do it all. She draws and paints, she hand crafts jewlery, she has some of the most beautiful knitted work out there. Not mention she writes and is a coffee connoisseur and creator of delectable delicacies.

While Amy the artist, is nothing short of a master at whatever her hand touches, Amy my long distance friend is witty and intelligent, creative and downright hysterical. She is real and focused and does not let things that appear to be failures defeat her. She is strength capsulized in human flesh. All of this shines through in her designs and creations. 

Day 15: Hand Cradted Thin Blue Line Necklace

Quiet Sky Designs, no matter if you are looking at the website, Facebook, Pinterest or some other avenue of the interwebs, you will se the visual testament of the work itself.  And in person where you can see first hand the detail and quality of work, it is even more breathtaking. 

I count myself truly blessed to call Amy, as well as so many other crafty and talented people, my friends. They fill that part of me that cries for the beauty that is art, and they fill they fill my heart with their love and friendship. 


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