Day 14: 8 Legged Art

Most of my life, I have been arachnophobic. It all started with that 1977 horror flick Kingdom of the Spiders. It freaked me out and changed the way I looked at the little 8 legged freaks for a very long time.

Now that I’m an adult, I have gotten much better about my fear. I’ve used photography as a way to help work through a lot of it, taking photos of webs and different spider varieties. Am I all the way there? Nope, but I am now to the point that unless it’s so realistic it’s hard to tell it’s not real, I am cool with fake spiders on most levels. Of course it wasn’t always so, and I was unable to visit the Twisted Spiders booth at OKRF for several years.

Day 14: 8 Legged Art

When I conquered my mindset and began to look at the creations as the interesting jewelry that they really are, I developed  a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship and time invested into each spider.

I personally have two spiders. One a very iridescent and pearlesque creation, the second done from Tigers Eye matching the ring my husband gave me 26 years ago that had once been his mother’s. Both of these lovelies share space on one of my Lilly creations, that goes by the name of Calypso and they seem quite at home resting on said pirate hat. They are eye catching beauties and are an instant conversation starter.

Art comes in so many forms and fashions, and I love that The Castle of Musgkogee brings in vendors who truly have unique art forms that you just don’t see any and everywhere. They are individual, captivating and getting to visit their booths is like Christmas in May. (Or whichever month and whatever festival you may see them at.) I urge you to look up the artisans that I have shared the past few day, as well as those in your own area. Share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Help make their businesses and their art successful.  Enjoy the beauty of the distinctive art forms that grace our world. Beauty is art and the artists that create it.


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