Day 13: Food Is Art

I can proudly claim that my child is a culinary student. I can also proudly claim that my child is a food artist. Tristan knew from an early age that he was going to go into the culinary field. At 8 years old, his hero and culinary idol was none other than Bobby Flay. As he grew older, his food interest shifted to that of confection and his love and passion became that of cakes and cupcakes. He would bake at home and finally, his senior year in high school enrolled in cake decorating classes at the Vo-Tech in our area.

Day 13: Food IS Art

He learned the basics of decorative cake design, along with that of making various flowers. Letting his creativity run amok, he made numerous cakes for friends, family, school functions and my kitchen showed the love of his craft.

It wasn’t until he went through his dessert and showpiece classes at culinary school that his art undoubtedly began to flourish. With access to the tools and supplies of his dreams, his imagination and artistic ability took form, and his talent began to blow the minds of us all. The beautiful cakes, pies and pastries, along with his creations in tallow and chocolate were nothing short of spectacular, and taking this journey has opened up new goals for him.trist

When he was little, we used to tell him and his brothers that the only thing in the world that would ever stop him from accomplishing anything would be him, that there was nothing he couldn’t achieve. He took us at our word and his dream is to intern with Ron Ben-Israel and learn all that he can from the Sweet Genius himself. This small town Oklahoma boy is looking towards NYC and has great plans to make all of his culinary dreams come true. I have no doubt he will achieve his artistic and culinary goals and will one day be a force to be reckoned with in the food industry.


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