Day 10: Everyone Needs a Little Lilly In Their Life

With the exception of Veterans Day, the next few 365 posts are going to focus and showcase some truly brilliant artists. I am a firm believer in supporting local artists and promoting their work. Their creations are unique and one of a kind and in my personal opinion worth immense value because of the time and the love invested into each work. 

Day 10: Everyone needs a little Lilly in their life

I met Lilly, as I meet a lot of people, at The Castle of Muskogee. She had an eye catching booth set up down in the Italian Quarter showcasing jewelry, corsets, hats and the like. But upon closer inspection of her wares, the item that set her work apart wasn’t a huge thing at all, but that of a tiny bullet casing. Some with the centers removed and replaced with glittering, sparkling stones, others left as the firing pin of the gun marked them. Her catchphrase… “bullets in your baubles”.

Needless to say, I instantly became addicted to her work, but even more than that, I became addicted to her friendship. Lilly is a kindred spirit and is the one person I can say is sunshine in human flesh. Just as her art is special and matchless, she herself is as well.  Her exuberance and love for life translates into her art and she literally leaves a piece of herself in each of her babies who are gifted with their own names, hers is a style all its own. 

After purchasing my first piece, I was honored when I presented Lilly a casing of my husband’s that would become Amy. Amy is a stunning floral design that is my go to necklace of choice. I wear her almost daily. (You can find her in Lilly’s Etsy store.) 

From there, my “Lilly collection” exploded. I seem to pick up at least one new hat a year and I am not ashamed to say I troll her pages on Facebook and Instagram to see what she has put out so that I can try to snatch it up if it catches my fancy.  I have heard it said that we should surround ourselves with things that make us happy. Make no mistake, I certainly have done so as my bedroom is home to 6 exceptional hats, 5 stunning necklaces, a ring to make a fairy process proud, and a one of a kind,  bodice clip, which so happens to be  the source of inspiration for today’s 365 photo. My beautiful Grace that holds the one and only Lapua casing I ever have or ever will shoot. My hands are itching to get ahold of one certain Mousie Antoinette so that she may join the other lovelies that bring me such joy.

Artists such as Lilly are rare gems in our world anymore. It saddens me that we as a whole do not seek out our local talent and help them succeed at their craft. We should be helping them shine like the stars they really are. My challenge to you today, find your local artists and let them know their work, their talent, and that they are appreciated. 



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