A Rose To Say I Love You

My family attends the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in Muskogee, OK every spring. It has become a tridtion 12 years strong. My children have grown up in the streets of Castleton for most of their lives, and Tristan, one of my twins joined cast this last season. 

365 Project: Day 9 A Rose to Say I Love You

As the festival runs every weekend in May, we spend Mother’s Day in garb at our home away from home with our Castle family. For almost as many years as we have been attending, my oldest son has bought me a metal rose and given to me each Mother’s Day.

This is one of those special things between a mother and child that is unique to just the two of them. I know that each year he will be giving me a new rose to add to the many he as already gifted me, and my heart swells with love and appreciation knowing it means so much to him to give me one. It truly isn’t the size or cost of the gift that matters, but the intent in which it is given. 

Knights of Castleton &a Heroic Knights of Old

Matthias was around 11 when we started going to OKRF and is now a young man of 23. He started as an elf, is a Knight of Castleton, has squired for The Heroic Knights of Old, had worked in The Smoking Dragon, and has stormed the castle as a pirate. While he is all of these and more, to me, he is still that precious boy who made that beautiful elf when we first started this adventure. So full of wonder and andvenure with a beautiful heart. As he now stands before me, looking towards the future with the lovely lady in his life, I know that no matter how old we get, no matter how many years we’ve been attending festival, each Mother’s Day I will receive that rose. That token that says from his heart to mine, “I love you.”


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