Day 8: Time and Time Again

365 Project Day 8: Time and Time Again

I knew I wanted to shoot a black and white image, and I knew I wanted to do a shot of my husband’s pocket watch. To combine them together seemed like the perfect thing to do. I wasn’t, however sure what I wanted to really claim as inspiration for the shot. 

Time is something none of us can escape. We are all bound by its borders of seconds, minutes, hours and days. As I lay in bed last night, thoughts along those lines rolled around in my head. Memories of falling off my horse and breaking my arm when I was around 6 years old, to winning first runner up in the Miss Fairview pageant my junior year in high school came to the forefront of my mind. I then found myself thinking of when my husband and I met, when he proposed to me and our wedding, along with each of my children’s births. Of course, these all made me smile, but my mind turned and brought forth some of those memories I’d rather not think about. My grandfather’s death, the car accident that resulted in a broken back for my husband, you know, THOSE memories. 

It is those frozen moments in time that define who we are, almost as if we are the empty hourglass and those memories are the grains of sand. Filing us up layer by layer. The good, the bad, the ugly, the perfect…. they make us, well, us. 

As time continues to push forward, I look at how much has passed, and how little is left in front of me. I think of all the things I still want to accomplish, places I would like to visit, and what I hope to see my children accomplish. Time is neither my friend or my enemy, it simply is. It hangs like that pocket watch ever before and behind me, and knowing how much is allotted to me, if forever elusive. It is that unknown variable that helps me keep things in perspective. Because it is not promised to me, I never want to waste a moment. 


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