Day 7: Modern Day Treasure Hunting 

Day 7: Modern Day Treasure Hunting

While geocaching has been around for some time now, my husband and I recently discovered this modern day treasure hunting adventure and quickly became addicted. As we love to hike and go caving, this newest pastime fits us very well as we can often combine them into one fun adventure. 

For me, there is an extra thrill as I get to break out my camera and shoot some interesting places here not just in my home state, but the county I live in as well. It is often an unexpected treat running across a photo moment that I never would have otherwise captured. 

Currently as I write this, we are in route to work on a list that we have created for a nearby area. It includes cemetery, mystery and multi-caches, as well as traditional, so we are set for a great day of signing logs, trading swag and seeing new locations. Often, I feel we are Miguel and Tulio from The Road To El Dorado, on “that trail that we blaze!”, and we have even found ourselves quoting that movie on these outings. 

Remnants of a forgotten cemetery

While it is exceptionally fun and entertaining, there is always the bane of our geocaching existence and mine is the nano cache. Little black magnetic tubes of angst! The tiniest of logs to try to sign and fit back into its home. The most frustrating to try to spot. They are evil little pods to be sure. But find and conquer them we will! 

And this is why we hates them! (Said in best Gollum voice)

Like most everything, there is a geocaching app to who guide you in you in your adventures. It maps all of the caches in your area if you are a premium member, and just the traditional if you are not. You can create lists for specific areas and outings, your found caches show up as smiley faces, you can upload photos and leave comments and notes at each location and even if you have zero cell service, the gps located will still zero you in on the location. 

Perhaps one of the things that makes out geocaching adventures fun for us is that there have been numerous caches located in areas where my husband will point out, ” went on a call at that house” and will proceed to tell me about the call. A lot of them being situations he has not ever told me about before. Nothing like a trip down LE memory lane thrown into the mix.

If you haven’t tried this past time, I encourage you to grab a full tank of gas, some snacks for the road (my personal choice is Gardettos), download the app see what hidden treasures are tucked around your area. You don’t have to be too far away from home for adventure! 


2 thoughts on “Day 7: Modern Day Treasure Hunting 

  1. Allison says:

    How fun! I’ve heard a little about geocaching, but it looks like fun!

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