Day 6: Here There Be Monsters

While for many, there are a whole 360 days left until next Halloween, for us it’s THERE’S ONLY 360 DAYS LEFT UNTIL NEXT HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!! 

Spinderella and the Halloween Planner

For us, Halloween is a year round endeavor. We turn out yard into a different theme each year, and we have enough themes in mind to last us for years. As we have thrown trunk or treating into the mix, we now have dual themes. One for the yard, one for the hearse. Executioner Alley will be the yard theme for 2017, and we will be turning Lady Victoria into ancient Egypt. Have we started working yet? You bet we have! I have already started experimenting with an idea for the Canopi Jars, and I’m liking the results. Our list of execution styles is being compiled, as well as the items needed to pull each of them off. I am beyond ecstatic that I will have an Iron Maiden in my yard next year! 

What will be a canopi jar.

It’s not just that we think about and work on Halloween, but here there be monsters dwelling in our home. Besides all of the Living Dead Dolls hanging out in my bedroom, we have a beholder, a plague fiend, a flower girl spider named Ophelia, oh yeah… and Audrey 2’s head. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Bob the Beholder

The best thing about all of this, is that it is something that my husband and I mutually love, so it is easy for us to have date nights/days working, plotting, planning and brainstorming together. It truly is a monster’s paradise. 


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