Day 5: Queen of Battle

I am the Infantry! Follow me!

All birds of prey look back before tricking prey – but not the eagles, they are fearless. 

This quote is found on the challenge coin my son received at his turning blue ceremony at his AIT graduation. He is a War Eagle. He is a Spartan. He is the Queen of Battle. He is Infantry. 

I have been the wife of a solider, and am currently the wife of a police officer, but it is a whole different monster being the mother of a solider who wants to go into law enforcement. It is probably one of the most difficult things I bear. Don’t get me wrong, I am so proud of my son I can never articulate it words to do it justice. I was blessed to be able to see his turning green ceremony at basic training as well as his turning blue, both at Fort Benning. If you take one glance at this boy, no, not a boy any longer; if you take a look at this man, you will see it in his stance, in the look in his eye. His first love is the military. It’s why he is preparing for his first overseas deployment, and if that isn’t a difficult pill to swallow as a parent. Am I proud of him? Beyond words. Am I teriffied for him? With every fiber of my being. 

When he enlisted in 2013, we knew he would do split-ops over his junior and senior years in high school. He was steadfast and determined that this was the path he was to be on. He still is as he wants to tab out in everything possible, Ranger, Paratrooper and so on. 

As I sit at my desk writing and look over at his AIT graduation photo, I can’t help but miss him already. My husband and I always joked that he was his dad’s and his twin was mine, but as they have grown up and left the nest, I realize how much this one has left his mark in my heart. All of my boys have in different ways, but this child has imprinted “I am the Infantry! Follow me!” on my heart. He will always answer the call, and I will always see the toddler in BDU’s. (I know, they’re not called that anymore. I’m an old school veteran’s wife.) 

I will watch as he follows in his father’s footsteps and know just as his dad is, he will be a man of honor and integrity and devote his life to one of service. I am an army national guard mom. And I will stand with poise, with pride, and though tears may be in my eyes and fall, I will stand awaiting his return home. Safe, though I know forever changed. My heart, my life, my son. 


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