Day 3: For the Love of Shrooms! 

365 Day 3: taken at Roman Nose State Park

If I were to choose what my single favorite subject to photograph is, I would have to say mushrooms. I have always been fascinated by these fabulous fungi, long before I ever picked up a camera. 

From the time I was a child, and heard the myth of the fairy ring, that almost unearthly perfect circle of mushrooms that you dare not cross out of fear of traveling to the land of fairy, I have been captivated by all the different types of fungi. 

Taken at Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas

Not only am a fan of shooting shrooms, I am a follower of several Instagram pages dedicated to the photography all types of mushrooms, from all areas of the world. One of my favorite pages to follow, is mushroomsociety. There are some truly breathtaking shots full of diversity and phenomenal composition. They perfectly show that mushrooms are insanely unique and not just something to glance over or just chop up and put into a dish. 

Taken during a hiking trip while in Georgia

Next time you are out and about, I challenge you to take a closer look at this exceptional plant life. They are found just about anywhere you can imagine. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the colors and shapes unique to the fungus family. Don’t forget to go and check out mushroomsociety on Instagram and discover your own love for this spectacular plantlife. 


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