Day 1: Happy Haunting

Happy Halloween! I don’t know about you, but my husband and I are Halloween fanatics. Each year our yard is decorated with a different theme, and we never do the same thing twice. We’ve done everything from haunted nursery rhymes and hazmat, to zombie summer camp and a giant spider wedding. This year, we finally bought a hearse, Lady Victoria by name, who is a lovely 1986 Caddie. To make her the star, we simply turned our yard into a giant cemetery where the kids can trunk or treat out of the back. We also have taken a page from The Animaniacs and instead of the Wheel of Morality, we have the Wheel of Mortality. “Wheel of mortality turn, turn, turn, tell is the death that they have earned”. Once the wheel spins, it will land on one of eight death styles and it will be put on their very own death certificate. Needless to say, coming to our house is an adventure every year. 

Day 1: Happy Haunting

This is the time of year, we can be whoever or whatever we want to be. A time where we can let the wind out of the sails, take a step away from reality and just cut loose and have a good time. A time for pumpkins and candy, of costumes and horror. And tonight, at some point we will have guests who see the corpse and his bride dancing among the tombstones. Did I mention that we set up our DJ system and have music and lights going? This year we have giant fogging grave markers as well. 

I hope that whatever you are doing for Halloween this year, that you have a spooktacular time (I know … cheesy)  and that no one in your household overdoses on candy! Be safe everyone and be spooky! 


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