A New Direction

When I had originally started this blog, it began as a place to share about the marching band my kids were in and their accomplishments. Four years later, three of them are now graduated from high school and pursuing their own dreams and chasing their adult lives. Now, we have one left at home halfway into his junior year.

Over these last few years my husband and I have developed a love for hiking and geocaching, and I personally have been pursuing my love of photography. This is the driving force behind resurrecting my blog which has laid dormant for far too long. I am looking forward to being able to share about the adventures we take, as well as showcase some of the photos taken on these trips.


Our hiking goal is to hit every state park here in Oklahoma. There are some truly beautiful places here in our state that are just waiting to be visited, photographed and enjoyed. There are also geocaches at the parks as well, so it’s an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. To date, we have hiked twelve of the thirty-four parks, not including the Little Sahara since it is more an ATV playground and not set up for hiking, and sand in my boots is not appealing.

I guess it boils down to, welcome to my new trip journal. I hope that it inspires you to hike, take photos, and pursue whatever your passions are. I hope that it encourages you to get out and explore the amazing state you live in, whatever state that is. You don’t have to travel very far at all to experience and see some beautiful and amazing places. To see the full photo albums, come and like my Facebook page and for the bursts come follow me on Instagram. Live, love, hike and take photos!


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