The End of A Season

We all go through different chapters and seasons in our lives, and while at times it would be the easier, more comfortable thing to do in staying in your current season, it may not always be the right thing to do.

When the opportunity for Lahoma came up, we had decided pretty much without a doubt, we were not going to take it.  We LOVE The Pride of Hennessey Band program.  We love the directors, the kids and the passion and drive that seeps from every pore of everyone involved.  That, when we first started talking about this job opportunity was a lot of why we decided to turn it down.  But, like with most things in life, it just wasn’t that easy.  Things happen that will cause you to re-evaluate where you are, and if you are in your right season.  And this week showed us, that our season here is at it’s end.  Doors opened and things came about that were not coincidence and, when a door opens that you are supposed to walk through, but don’t, you are setting yourself up for a rough go, when this door opened a second time, we knew that we couldn’t say no, no matter how much it breaks our hearts to pull our boys out of this band.

Mr. Stueart, I want to tell you that being able to work with you, to help see your vision become reality, has not just been a joy, but an honor.  There is such greatness in you, that flows out of you and into the students.  Keep pushing forward, no matter how rough the road gets, and we both now that it is pretty darn rocky right now, don’t give up, don’t give in.  Keep reaching for the stars and keep pushing these kids to continue to seek the greatness that is within them, that they don’t even know is there.

Nicoloe, keep pursuing your vision with the color guard.  You do such fantastic work and I know you will continue to do so.  These girls are so very lucky to have such a dedicated woman working with them, that gives out of herself because she wants to, and for no other reason.  You are amazing!

Patrick, you really have done amazing things with our drumline.  You have demanded excellence, and they have given it.  Thank you for working with my son, a single flute player that can now play one heck of a mean bass drum!  Keep reminding them, it’s not tether ball! 😉  And keep propelling them forward!

Bradley, my dear sweet friend.  Words can not express how much you mean to us.  You have been at the forefront of our thoughts this entire year.  In spite of it all, you are an inspiration and a beacon of light to us all!  Our lives are so much richer, because you are a part of them.

PRIDE!  While we may not be here in Hennessey, we are not so far away.  Those of you who are in the tight knit circle of friends with the boys, we are just a phone call away, where you can all meet up in Enid and hang out.  We share this same sorrow, but don’t let this distract you from the work at hand.  You have a second championship to win, you have competitions to dominate, you have the next chapter in your story to write.  Push forward and make Mama Cross even more proud than she already is!  No matter what anyone says, no matter how many miles are between us, you will ALWAYS be my band brats!!!  I love you as I love my own boys and I am super proud of you.  GO MAKE THIS MARCHING SEASON YOURS!!!!

Change is never easy, and this one won’t be.  We are moving away from our band family, but that doesn’t mean we are moving out of your lives.  Thank you for enriching our lives, for sharing in the triumphs and the defeats, for all of the amazing memories that will forever live within us.  Thank you for the most amazing band year EVER!  We love you all beyond words!

Mama Cross