The Final Curtain

The 201112 school year is rapidly coming to a close.  It seems like we were just in the middle of marching season, and now the final curtain is starting to descend.

Tuesday, April 3rd we started this year’s band finale with one of the most spectacular concert seasons EVER!  With a theme of Sci-fi/Horror, how could you go wrong.  The opening number for the concert was the theme from the movie Ghostbusters.  To enhance the Pride’s amazing performance of the song, we were honored to be able to welcome the Central Oklahoma Ghostbusters to join us for the evening and to make sure that the auditorium was free of pesky ghosts.  They thrilled the crowed and entertained us all.

The second song of the evening, The Pride welcomed it’s other special guest,  Director and composer, Daniel Baldwin, who directed John Williams Adventurer, featuring music from the movies Star Wars, Jurassic Park and ET.

The final number of the opening set was entitled Things That Go Bump In The Night, featuring a Hollywood worthy scream by flutist Tristan Cross as he was killed by his band director during the Theme for Psycho.   The song also included music from Tales From the Crypt and Jaws.

After the Pride’s first set, it was time for the 5th grade band who did an amazing job with all of their numbers, including Mr. Steuart Had An Alien Band, and the 4th grade band whose recorder performance was over the top awesome.  All of the students in these beginning bands worked so hard and it showed when they took the stage.


Following the beginner bands, the Jr High band took the stage and performed their set with songs including The Thunderer and Phantom Ship, with an amazing mass band performance made up of all students 5-12th grades performing an original composition that was not only composed by guest director Daniel Bladwin, but conducted by him as well, entitled Pegasus afterwards.  This piece was composed for Mr Steuart and the Hennessey Band Program.

This would bring us to the Pride’s final set made up of the numbers Vulcan’s Forge, featuring percussionists Cody Riggs and Kalie Choate on “anvil” solos and the final number of the night, Star Wars Saga featuring a guest appearance from Darth Vader.

This concert was very bittersweet for me.  While it was amazing and all of the bands were on top of their game and we had great guests and props…..I forgot to mention that we had a TARDIS….as the mother of a senior band student, and my first, it was with pride and heartache that I watched my oldest son perform in his last high school concert.  That final curtain is closing faster and faster.  There are only a handful of band related events left in this school year and then we will watch our three seniors walk that isle, receive their diplomas and begin their college lives.  We will also welcome in new seniors and new marching students, but in the now, this wonderful, hard moment of the now, we senior parents will look upon these young men and see the precious boys we held in our arms not so long ago and we can’t help but stand a little taller for the young men we are sending into the world.

Pride, this band mom can not express what this year has meant to her.  You have all touched my heart in ways I you will never know.  It has been a year of joy and heartache, celebration and sorrow, of victory and determination.  It has been a year to remember.  It has been a year I think none of us could ever forget!!


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