State Bling

CONGRATULATIONS PRIDE!!  I had to just say it again.  These kids worked so hard this season and FINALLY received their state rings last night.  It was a blast of a party and it was without a doubt worth the wait.

Matthias, Danny and Sway welcomed everyone to the party after a time of music, dance, food and visiting, officially kicking off the ring festivities.  After they let everyone know how much it meant to the seniors that they were all there, a slide show featuring them was shown.  Then, it was time for Mr Steuart to take the floor. 

It was then that the students and parents alike were given the news that an amazing new band trailer had been donated to The Pride.

If you have ever traveled with a band to a competition, you know how much it takes to get everyone and everything there.  You have to transport uniforms, instruments, props, color guard gear, and ice chestsThis doesn’t include what the boosters bring as far as grills, lunch stuff, chairs, tents, so on and so forth.  Having a second trailer to help haul everything is a major blessing.  It will make transportation of everything safer as it won’t be traveling in the back of several pickups.

It was a night of giving honor where due as Mr Steuart extended a personal thank you to the parents and booster for all for all of their hard work and their support of the band program.  He then gave a heartwarming thank you to Color Gurad Tech (and his wife) Nicole for her brilliant work with the color guard.  Although they were not able to make it, Mr Steuart and the Pride offered a huge thank you to both Drum Tech Patric McClung and Assistant Director Bradley GilbertThey are both reasons as to why this band program is as successful that it is.  And like Mr Steuart, everyone that was in attendance is so very thankful to our most awesome Heavenly Father for the progress that Bradley is making in his recovery.  It isn’t overlooked or taken for granted.  It is a true miracle that we are all very thankful for.

Before the ring presentation, and with a little bit of fun we were treated to the ideas for next year’s marching season that could have been, but not this year before the unveiling of next year’s marching theme.  Out of respect for Mr Steuart and the band students, I am not going to reveal what the theme will be, but I will say this; it is going to be a show of huge, fun proportions that you are not going to want to miss.

After waiting patiently through six pages of notes, it was time for the presentation of rings.  They were given out by section; Woodwinds, Trumpets, Low Brass, Percussion, Color Guard and Staff.  Before each section, a slide show in their honor was played, taking a look back at the amazing marching season that they experienced.  Once everyone had their rings, drum major Cody Riggs called the band to attention and they were allowed to open their ring boxes.   It was a night of triumph, of remembering that these super heroes play instruments, spin flags, march with their heads held high and carry the banner of Pride.  This is The Pride of Hennessey and they will continue their pursuit of excellence into oncoming years chasing the Class 2A OBA State Marching Band Championship, setting a standard, and representing the great community of Hennessey, OK