Bass Drum Beauty

Having highlighted each section of the Pride of Hennessey marching band, one would think that we would be done featuring members of this amazing band.  Not so.  While we may not be looking at sections, there are still those who make up those sections who are worthy of being highlighted, so as we continue on the 2011-2012 Pride of Hennessey journey, we will look at it’s members, find out more about them, and brag on their abilities.  This week’s Mama Cross Featured Student is middle bass drummer Halee Garner.

Halee, also known as Aqua H is a sophomore whose favorite colors are lime green and bright yellow.  Her favorite numbers have always been 21 and 411 and loves pomegranates and watermelon.  When listening to music, she listens to Christian and her favorite movies are “Johnny” and “Odd Girl Out”.  Other favorites include the books “The Secret Life of Bees” and “Identical”, and animals are quarter horses, thoroughbreds and German Shepherds.  Her intense DISLIKE is having her picture taken.  I know this firsthand as I try to capture as many of her as I possibly can. 😉

Halee is an incredibly active young woman as she participates in band, piano, her church praise band, quilting, riding horses and hanging out with her friends.  Living in El Reno, which is 41 miles away from here in Hennessey, makes for very early mornings and very late nights.  Her driving force for this daily routine stems directly from band.

After spending her Friday nights in Hennessey at the games, she decided that this was something she wanted to be a part of, but “had no idea what she was getting herself into.”  Her day begins at 4:30am to make it to early band, and ends after 11:00pm after getting home from practices and ball games.  If you ask, she will tell you. “It’s worth every minute,” and believes that band has helped her work as a team, meet friends with the same interests, given her better self discipline and encourages her to have fun.  As a part of the drum line, she says that they work hard at everything they do and are not just a team, but a family.  Halee is not just a drummer, but a piano player as well and wants to do as much as she can to improve in both areas of music.

Her role modle is Diana Pruitt who she says is “always positive, a great teacher/musician and is there for her no matter what.  Diana ALWAYS puts others before herdels and works hard at what she wants,” and Hallee wants to be more like her, a wonderful Christian.

When talking about her future goals, Halee says that she wants to be a long term missionary in Djibouti and open a school/orphanage, showing how big of a heart she has towards others.  “If you want to feel rich, count the things you have money can’t buy.”

The Pride of Hennessey has an amazing group of students full of talent and dedication.   It is an amazing thing to have members such as Halee, who are not only talented and dedicated, but compassionate and caring as well.  It’s part of why she is an important member of the heartbeat of the band, a member of the drum line.



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