Confessions of a Senior Mom Part 3

We are closing in the the end of football, thus the end of marching season.  There are 2 games left, and it depends on the outcome of this Saturday’s game if they will get to perform that final game at Stillwater on December 1oth.  It’s hard to look at these different moments of finality, and they seem to be piling up faster than ever.

The Pride of Hennessey has 4 amazing seniors whose high school marching careers are coming to an end.  They have been a part of one of the most incredible and memorable marching seasons ever!  Along with their band mates, they have experienced heartache and great triumph.  More importantly, they have experienced a band family who is more than a band, they are a family.  I can’t really put into words how proud of these seniors I am, or the love I have for mine.  But I do know this, as this chapter of their lives comes to a close, as long as they believe in themselves and work at making their dreams come true, nothing in this world will stop them.



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