The Closing of the Curtain

It’s hard to believe that another marching season is in the books.  It seems like we just got started and now, all that’s left is to finish marching the half time show of the final football games, and to hit Tri-State this spring with the final pep band and parade competition of the school year.  In looking back over the season, I can honestly say that I feel nothing but extreme pride in our little band.  They came, they marched, they conquered.  At the contests that they didn’t seem to measure up, they still kept their heads up, knowing that they are “The Pride of Hennessey” and they can not be kept down.

Last week saw the final field competition of 2011-2012, in Lawton.  After receiving a superior at Alva, the Pride had the honor of marching in the “Superior Class” instead of the “Open Class” and took 2nd place in class 3A.  The color guard participated in solo and ensemble competition in which they received a 2 (excellent) on their ensemble.  Melodi received a 2 on her solo, and Vanise, Pixie, Erica and Bradi all received 1’s on theirs.  It was a good day in spite of strong winds and mishaps here and there, and was a good way to close the curtain on the season.

But while one curtain closes, another one begins to rise.  Now it is time for the Pride to look towards concert season, as well as different honor bands and solo and ensemble competitions.  Veteran’s Day, Red Carpet Honor Band, All Area Honor Band, Christmas Parades and the Christmas Concert are all just around the bend….a very close bend as they will start this leg of their journey next week.

Some would say that success is determined by the number of trophies brought home.  I say that success is summed up by the determination, drive and never say die attitude that this band…..the 2011 Pride of Hennessey Marching Band has shown this year.  They have set a standard for future bands to strive for and surpass.  That it’s not about winning every competition, but about how you walk off the field or the street no matter what the outcome.  This is a successful band.  Not because they are state champions.  Not because they added several trophies to their trophy case.  But because they decided in their hearts and minds as individuals and as a team that they are the definition of success.  They are The Pride of Hennessey!



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