Monster Mash 2011

To say that my family loves Halloween would be an understatement.  We usually start decorating mid-September, and even have a storage unit that is primarily for solely our Halloween paraphernalia.  This year, as we have been very busy with marching season, we got off to a later start than we would have liked, nevertheless, got the yard and house decked out for the 2nd annual Pride of Hennessey Halloween party, “Monster Mash”.

With the twins birthday falling in the early part of October, we have always done a Halloween themed birthday for them, and then decided last year it would be fun to throw a party for the band, (1) because they work so hard during marching season and it’s a great way to finish off the season with a bang, and (2) because it gives us yet another reason to play with all of our cool Halloween stuff. 🙂  This year, we opted to merge the twins party with the band party and they got a couple of really cool Nerf guns that I tried out this morning.

Being all about themes, my husband and I actually have several themes that will extend out into numerous Halloweens to come, and due to time restraints this year we did a quick change in the theme from Zombie Summer Camp to an easier theme of Monster Mash.  We will have Summer Camp next year, and are already in the planning phases of some of the more detailed aspects of what camp is going to be like.  Going with Monster Mash this year however was a good plan and a spooktacular time was had by all.

If you have never been to one of our parties, allow me to welcome you to Zombie House, where we are an equal opportunity spook provider.  Want to hang out in Kronk’s house or slip your head and wrists into the stocks?  We can make that happen for you.  Want to play a round of zombie head tether ball or partake in “Survivor Fear Factor Style”?   You’ve come to the right place.

The first round of the game started out with the “Costume Catwalk” in which our party goers showed of their costumes “America’s Next Model meet Project Runway” style.  The winner would be voted into round two by fan applause, and some unfortunate player would be eliminated from game play by luck of the draw.  The hands down winner of this round would be Justin Bieber”, also known as Josh Hill, who also had his own personal entourage of screaming adoring fans.

Round two, our ghouls and goblins had to put their imaginations to work and create 2 different bad poems.  One would be about a Halloween themed topic drawn from a hat, and the other could be about anything they wished.  The only rule, it had to be a BAD poem.  As an example, Butch did a reading of “Drunken Milkman” by Scatterbrain.  Our winners this round were Josh for his topic and Kyla with her original poem entitled “Sticky Mustaches”.

Round 3 was the first “gross” round and would eliminate all by 6 players.  When you take cooked spaghetti, add a little oil, raisins, uncooked long grain rice and processed cheese from an MRE, toss in a little fake blood and chill it in the fridge for several hours, it’s ready for a little game called “Find the Critter.”  The object was to find as many rubber mice and frogs mixed in the slop within one minute while blindfolded.

  Mice were worth 1 point while frogs were worth 2.  The finalists after the mess was sorted were:  Kaylee, Erica and Mr Steuart with 11 points, and Tristan, Malinna and Shelby with 10 points.  At this point in the game, all 6 were given the opportunity to bow out, because while digging through the tub was gross, it was nothing compared to what they were about to face.


The final round was the “Food Fear Factor” or “FFF” round.  This year’s horrible food was actual food that our military eats on a daily basis when in the field or deployment.  We used MRE’s, four different entree’s mixed with raisins and placed on the fig cookie that came with it. That’s it.  No bugs, or anything exotic.  But it more than did the job.  At the end of the gagging and eye watering, Mr Steuart seemed to have won, but ran to the finish line before having finished swallowing everything, so the winner, with no complaint from the other contestants was Malinna.

Food, games, music, dancing, but most of all a time for an amazing band to come together for a night to enjoy each others company and the Halloween holiday.  A time to relax  after a very active marching season, a time that they can call solely their own.  We are more than happy to be able to host such a fun experience for these wonderful band kids and look forward to many more years of doing so. (We have so many years of themes ready to go, we can hardly wait!)  But for now, it’s time for us to put Halloween to bed, but we will be plotting and planning next year’s Zombie Summer Camp!!!


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