Blow Your Own Trumpet

If you wish in this world to advance your merits you’re bound to enhance; you must stir it and stump it, and blow your own trumpet, or, trust me, you haven’t a chance. ~ William S. Gilbert

It never ceases to amaze me how easy trumpet players make their craft seem.  When you hear a clear blast from that horn, hear a well blended sound of 1st and 2nds, or hear a single bugle player play “Taps”, it gives you chills and you don’t think of the hours that it takes to perfect the sound that comes from that horn.  I live with a trumpet player, and I have seen the work, the effort, the frustrations and the joy that comes from being a trumpet player.

This week, it’s the trumpet section’s turn to “toot their own horn”. (Yeah, I know, very bad pun, but it seem appropriate.)  This section is nine times out of ten at the forefront of the band.  They are the strong melody makers and when they are not in the spotlight, they are a strong supporting factor within the sound of the band.  We are so lucky to have a dedicated trumpet line.  They work very hard to be the best that they can be because they are on the front lines….quite literally in the “Superman” drill.











One of the amazing things about The Pride of Hennessey trumpet line is that we have 3 veterans and 3 rookies marching this season.  If you have heard the music for this year’s show and have seen the drill, then you will know that this is not an easy marching year.  Our trumpets are holding their own and doing a great job at nailing their parts to make this year’s marching show such a success.   When you have 3 Jr High kids in such a noticeable section, motivation and encouragement is a big thing, and our highlighted trumpet player isn’t just a motivation to her section, but to the rest of the band as well.  I would like to introduce you to Sophomore trumpeter Shelby Crump.

Shelby, aka Super Ninja is a truly amazing young woman. Some of her favorites include the colors purple, yellow and royal blue, country music, fruit,  and the number 26.  Her favorite movie is “Despicable Me”, and is a huge Hennessey Eagle and OU fan.  Her favorite sport, softball is a huge factor in her life.  Starting with Tee Ball at the age of four, Shelby has made a home on the softball field, having played both catcher and third base.  After a knee injury, she now solely plays third base, but is in the process of learning how to pitch.

In the process of finding out a little more about Shelby, it showed her dedication to band when she shared of her favorite quotes with me.  “What are those football players doing on the band field?!”  She joined band in 6th grade, but dropped after that year, until in 8th grade a friend of hers talked her into picking it back up.  That was the first year Mr. Steaurt came to Hennessey.  This was the year her life really started to change.  Being an 8th grader, she wasn’t a part of the marching band yet, but did help carry the banner for the parade competitions, got yelled at by Peter VanGee for taking too small or large of steps, and got to travel to Washington D.C. with the band, where they took 1st in the parade.  This started a bonding process with the band, which is now a family.  Her freshman year, she started learning proper marching, progressed in her playing ability and knew band was a very important and fun part of her life.  Now a sophomre, she plays 1st trumpet, is a co-section leader and is 110% dedicated to The Pride.  Her second home is the band room and she is more often than not hanging out with her fellow “band nerds”.    She is so proud of everything that the band does, and is so thankful to everyone who helps make the program so successful. (Mr. Steuart, Nicole, Bradley and Patrick.)  Shelby says, “They are the ones who built our spirit, dedication, teamwork and PRIDE.  We work hard to be who we are and it all pays off.  There are people who look up to us and we never had that until now.  We thank them so much for that.  Band has made me who I am today.  I have learned so much through band and made so many great friends.  I have learned what strength, dedication, success, fun and Pride really mean.  I don’t know what I would do with my life if I didn’t have band.  It puts a smile on my face everyday no matter what.  I look forward to the upcoming years in band and carrying on our tradition!  BAND, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT … DREAM BIG!!  TOGETHER WE MADE IT!”

Shelby’s band goals include:  Progressing in her playing and marching as much as possible, becoming a great section leader next year and helping the trumpets as much as she can, becoming a great role model for the younger marchers, winning as many competitions as possible, and WINNING STATE! Possibly becoming drum major her senior year, but most of all making the last few years the best she can.

Her future goals include:  Attending NWOSU after graduation and being in the Ranger band, possibly playing softball then transferring to OU or OSU after finishing her basics, with the hopes of being in the medical field, possibly a doctor or pediatrician.

It is so awesome to have such amazing and dedicated students in our band.  It’s even more amazing to have students that are not just about being the best that they can be, but encouraging their band mates to be the best they can be as well.  And while The Pride may only have six trumpet players, I think it’s safe to say they are a melodic force to be reckoned with and very worthy to be the Mama Cross section of the week.




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