A Strong Foundation

A marching band is like a house.  Your percussion and low brass or bases (tuba, baritone, trombone, baritone saxophone and alto clarinet) make up your foundation.  Your supporting voices, (alto and tenor saxophones, clarinet and horn or mellophone) make up your support structure and walls, while your high voices and melody (trumpet and flute) make up your roof.  It takes all levels of this structure working together to make sure the house is a strong unit, but if it’s not built on a solid foundation, your building isn’t going to stand.

The Mama Cross Featured Section Of The Week is one of the two that provide the band’s solid foundation, and does this with only four members:  the Low Brass. 

Allow me to introduce to you tuba player and section leader RJ Schmidt and trombone players Brenden Cross, Tyler Lott and Sadie Schmidt.

This small section plays so much larger than life, the average person wouldn’t guess that there were 3 boys and 1 girl providing all that full, powerful sound.  But playing is only part of the story.  On the field as well as on the street, these four work hard to strive for excellence in their marching, posture and horn carriage.  In the football stands they will pump you up and get you energized with their enthusiastic dancing.  They are committed, focused and driven to be the very best that they can be.  Brenden summed this up when he told me, “Being a trombone player is not just what I do, it’s part of who I am.”  Without a doubt, these four very talented kids are just some of the shining gems in the Pride of Hennessey’s crown.

While all four of these students are amazing, only one could be picked for outstanding section member, and that person is our lone female trombonist Sadie Schmidt.








Sadie made the transition back into playing an instrument this marching season as she was a member of the 2010 award winning color guard.  In watching her march, seeing her posture and her horn angles, as well as hearing her play, you wouldn’t know this was her rookie year in the low brass section.  From her heart, Sadie wants to be at the top of the game and bring the best performance she can.  Sometimes this isn’t an easy feat as her section leader is also her older brother.  While at times it seems he is pushing her to the extreme, I know he is glowing with pride at how well she does and tries to pull every drop of greatness out of her.

Sadie is a member of this year’s 8th grade class.  Some of her favorites include:  Macaroni and Cheese, the color forest green, hiking and swimming.  Her favorite people include her sister Lily, whom Sadie says “takes up for her and understands how she feels,” and the twins (Brenden and Tristan Cross) who are “always nice and usually have positive attitudes for everything.”

Saide also loves spring and with her enjoyment of learning about other people, she lists History as her favorite subject in school.  She also loves Christmas as “it is a time to give back” and she goes with a friend to her church who goes to the Sequoya House in Enid, OK to help give out presents, provide a meal and to spend time with the people there.

In regards to The Pride, Sadie says, “It’s amazing to be a part of something as cool as this,” and she looks at the band as family.  While generally a very quiet person, Sadie has a big heart and strives to make Mr. Steuart proud of her performances.  She can rest well, knowing that he is indeed proud of her and extremely happy to have her as a part of his low brass section.  Make no mistake, Sadie is a strong part of the Pride’s foundation and this band mom looks forward to watching her shine!!


One thought on “A Strong Foundation

  1. aw. she has been waiting for this and im so proud of her not just has her friend as her sister to!! congrates sadie!!

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