Not About the Usual

Usually, when I sit down and pull up the trusty, dusty blog I write something that has to do with the band.  Today, that is not the case.  There is so much going on in my life right now that I am having to take a step outside of myself just to get a handle on what all is going on and the really important things in my life.

This weekend, I went to the wedding shower of a dear friend.  I love and appreciate this woman and her husband to be more than they will ever know.  They help me to see outside of myself and to remember to enjoy each step of this journey of life.  On September 10th, they begin their journey as husband and wife and I pause to think…..Butch and I started this journey 19 years ago.  How very far we have come in those 19 years.  How far we have to go and how amazing and wonderful it is, taking this journey with him.  I also go to spend time with Rainna’s amazing family this weekend, and they are truly some wonderful people that I have LOVED getting to know.  Being welcomed into their home and being able to take an evening just enjoying the companionship they had to offer and not think about a lot of the stresses that wait for me at home was a therapy that I will forever be thankful for.

In all honesty, I have this problem with internalizing stress.  Not a good thing to do, but something that is hard to overcome nonetheless.  As the wedding is only 4 weeks away, there are still a lot of finishing touches that need to be done on both mine and Butch’s outfits.  Getting ready for a steampunk wedding is not a quick process, that is for sure.  And you’re reading about someone who has only sewn one thing EVER.  So far, I am happy with the work, but more importantly, I began to realize that it was a great outlet for some of that pent up stress I’ve been carrying around.  I will get a little more work done on the jabot tomorrow, but then will be at a stopping point until I get over to Enid to pick up some red lace to trim it in.  My next focus will be on the spoon broach that I am making to wear with my outfit as well as some finishing touches to my hat.  So, as time allows, I plan to work on more sewing projects for a twofold reason.  1.  to acquire better sewing skills and 2. to pour my stress into that little white machine!!

So, that’s all there is for now.  Nothing long and drawn out, just some thoughts I wanted to put to paper so to speak.  It’s been a reflection of friends, family and sewing.  And the really cool thing, is that the colors that Butch and I are wearing to the wedding, are the same colors that were used for our own wedding.  Somewhat poetic, don’t you think?