And The Oscar Goes To…….

Monday night was beyond what I hoped it would be.  The bands, the effects, the audience…it was AMAZING!!!!!  I have to say, if you missed the Blue Carpet Movie Event, you missed the show of the year!!

Bands- and I mean 4th -12th…  You guys ROCKED MY WORLD!!!  I can not begin to tell you how very proud of you all that I am.  Each band owned the stage when they were on it.  You all worked so hard and brought your A game to the stage.  You showed us all what it means to be a star.  To all the seniors, what a way to close out your Sr year!  I am so proud of you guys.  You have shown such great leadership to the younger students all year, and last night was no exception.

Mr. Steuart, I want to say thank you for letting me run with my imagination and make it a reality.  You truly inspire your students to be the very best that they can be, to make band a passion and fun, to inspire pride and excellence.  I can not put into words what it means to me as a parent for the investment that you make into not only my children, but every child who is in one of your classes.  I look forward to next year and outdoing ourselves!!!

I am almost at a loss for words on how to even begin to describe Monday night.  Now that it’s over, it’s so bittersweet for me.  I am relieved that it is over simply because of how tired I am.  I am sad that it is because of how fun and wonderful the night went.  I was so scared there would be so many hick-ups and miscues and that the show would not come together…..I was so wrong.  It could not have gone better!

This has to have been the most amazing way to close out the school year.  It’s a night that will live on in my memory forever!!


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