The Merry-Go-Round

I want to start this post by saying in the midst of being exhausted and burning both ends of the candle, I am so thrilled to be able to do what I am doing.  Even though my brain feels like it’s on a merry-go-round and I can’t get off of it, the end result of it all makes every ounce of what I put into my days worthwhile.

I used to think that I would just be coming into the busiest time of the year for me.  May is the magical month of the year in which we get to step out of our time and back into 16th century England, the time of King Henry the VIII.  Following the whirlwind of festival, we then jump head first into fireworks sales there at the Castle.  This last year has re-defined “busiest time of year” and has changed that to…..there is NO non busy time of year for me.  I am by no means complaining.  While I have had isolated moments of wanting to pull my hair out, this has been one of the most fulfilling years EVER!

The cycle is now made up primarily of band related events, but if you have met the kids we have the honor of getting to work with and for then you know that it is just as much fun as it is work.  And there is TONS of work.  So, the year cycle for me starting from today, April, 13th is as follows:

Tomorrow we will work with the HS band on special effects lighting during first hour, get advertising decorating done at all 3 schools, and work on painting reserved seating stars.

Monday the 25th is the Band Banquet.

May 28-30 Tri-State  solos and parade!!  This is also opening weekend of Festival in which this will be the first time we’ve missed it in 5 years…sad face..but again, the trade off is one that I wouldn’t give up.  SO all our Ren family!  May you have the most amazing opening weekend EVER!!!!

May 2nd – Band Booster Meeting!  Anyone wishing to support the band is welcome to come be a part!

May 9th- “Blue Carpet Movie Event” spring concert.  We will be missing the 2nd weekend of festival as we are hoping to be able to decorate the Sunday before and there is NO way I can do a full weekend of festival and drive back to do this concert.  Of course, there will be dress rehearsals mixed in between some of these dates, so that we have all of our ducks in a row and the show goes off killer and without a hitch.  I also have several more commercials to work up before this date to play during the concert as well.

May 12th – MS Awards Assembly and 8th grade graduation.  Well, it’s finally arrived.  I am fixing to have 3 kids in high school…. SIGH…  There is also the after graduation party at the river that afternoon.

May 14-15th – FESTIVAL WEEKEND!! WOO HOO!!! Can NOT wait to see everyone!

May 17th last day of school

May 19th – My niece graduates from Okeene!! YAY Tori! So proud of you!

May 21-22 – Festival weekend #2!! YAY!

May 23-26th – Mini Band Camp!  If you have a child pre-k thru 6th they are welcome to come be a part of that.  The cost is $30 until the 15th and then the price goes up to $40.  Gonna be a great time.  Don’t miss out!

Memorial Day Weekend – There is a mud bog that Saturday and the Boosters will be providing concessions.  Final weekend of Festival….hope we can make that!

First week of June – K101 Classic Bowl in Woodward with the game being June 4th

June 5th…head to Muskogee to get ready to work fireworks

Junish-July7this- Fireworks setup, sales, and inventory

Weekend of July 9th – head back home

July 22-30 Drumline, color guard and band camp … also mix in my anniversary 19 years this year!!! ❤ you Babe!!

July 31, my birthday

August starts school and marching season which will run into at least November

OCTOBER!!!!  If you know us, you know we are Halloween FANATICS!  We will have at least 1 Halloween party during the month….as the twins birthday is that month, we haven’t decided if we will be having a combined band/birthday party or 1 for each

December….Christmas Concert

January-April – Solo contests, Spring Concert, Tri-State, Prom, etc, etc

Now, in the midst of all these summer/fall dates, there is so much work that will be going into those time frames. Props have to be built, uniforms fit and altered, meals provided for clinicians and students during camp, keeping them hydrated and sunblocked, etc.  We also have Booster meetings in the midst of all these months.

Am I exhausted?  Without a doubt.  Do I sometimes feel that I do no have a creative thought or idea left…undeniably.  Would I give up even a second?  Not a chance.  You see, the greatest reward and inspiration that is keeping me driving headlong in helping make each moment of band greater than the one before was seeing  the reactions of the younger band students and talking with them.  Seeing how eager they are to be a part of the band program as they get older.  To know that they are valued and looked at with equal importance as the HS band students are.  To see them and listen to them and hear their excitement ….. THEY are the investment.  THEY are the reward that makes every moment worthwhile.  THEY are the BAND.  And there is nothing more valuable or worth investing in than they are.



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