The Band Parent

You Know You are A Band Parent When. . . .

  • You make three more trips than expected to drop off you child with everything they need.
  • You carry spare white gloves, needle and thread, safety pins, black socks and duct tape in your pocketbook.
  • You follow buses around all day on Saturdays
  • You can’t pick your child out of the crowd because they all look alike.
  • You no longer speak of your child as a fourteen-year-old daughter/son, but as a “freshman trumpet, freshman flute,” etc.
  • You prominently display a band calendar in the kitchen, have band dates marked on the calendar in your purse and/or have the Band Hotline Number on your speed dial.
  • You use your oven more for baking goodies for bake sales during home football games or treats, than for sit-down meals.
  • You know that you will be wearing something blue and white every Friday night and on Saturdays.
  • Early is on time and on time is late.
  • You don’t leave home without cushions to sit on, camera and camcorder!
  • You are cheering with other band parents.


This is ohhhh so true.  And actually very minimal as this just hits on marching season and doesn’t even touch concert season and contests.  BUT to all you band parents out there, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to whatever band you support.  If you are not a band parent, but love the band, we welcome you as a fellow booster who supports these amazing kids and their awesome directors and you are more than welcome to attend our Band Booster meetings to be a part of what’s going on with the band!


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