These Are a Few of My NEW Favorite Things

In case you didn’t know, I am a true music lover.  I love all types of music from just about every genre there is.  I was brought up to have a great appreciation for music in its entirety, not just one specific type.   Thus, I am always on the lookout for new music, artists that are new to me, and new music by old favorites.

For a fleet moment in “reality tv”  history, there were two seasons of what in my opinion was a diamond among rocks show called “Rockstar”  in these two seasons, the first was “Rockstar: INXS” and the second “Rockstar: Supernova”.  A lot of you will remember INXS from the 80’s and their hit “Need You Tonight“.  In 1997, front man Michael Hutchence died, his cause of death argued as to suicide or accidental.  This brought the Australian band to a halt in which they did not perform publicly for about a year.  After performing with different singers off and on, in 2004 made it back to center stage with “Rockstar: INXS”, a reality show that give 15 different singers the chance to battle it out for the opportunity to become the new vocalist for the band.  While there were several amazing singers, my two favorites were Marty Casey, and Suzie McNeil, both of which made it to the final three.

As amazing as Suzie was (is), she was just not right to be the lead singer of INXS, however, as a solo artist, the girl just ROCKS!  Being from Canada, she hasn’t quite hit the main stream here in the US, but I believe that she is well on her way as she has a great range of contemporary and dance style songs.  Her song “Believe” was the theme for this last winter Olympics and is a brilliant, inspirational piece of work.  Two of her awesome dance style hits include “Supergirl” and her latest release “Drama Queen” and both are infectious. (Be sure to click on the different links to her home page and other two videos :D)

My second new favorite thing comes from an old favorite band….well….I can’t say old, because Duran Duran stem from the 80’s and I refuse to believe anything from that era is “old”…..just sayin.   Look up  the synonyms that go with the word “brilliant”…that sums them up.  Of course, when you hear Duran Duran mentioned, you probably think of “Hungry Like the Wolf” or the “Reflex“, but today, I offer you the 2011 Duran Duran and their outstanding new hit “All You Need is Now”.

When I first heard this, my initial thought was, “this is not the Duran Duran I know” until it broke into the chorus and then my brain said , “THAT is Duran Duran”.  If you loved or even just liked them in the 80’s, trust me when I say, you are going to LOVE them now.  They haven’t lost a beat, but have blended that awesome signature sound with a great modern twist.  Without a doubt, they are on my “Go see them in concert if I get the chance” list.

The great thing about music, is that you can like a little from this genre and a little from that genre and it all will transcend the boundaries of your every day life.  When I’m doing anything in which I am listening to my iPod, I always hit the shuffle button and the great thing is, I can start out with Def Leppard, go to Il Divo, to Pink to The Bedlam Bards to Alice Cooper and back to Fleetwood Mac and even The Gummy Bear song.  Keep new music ever present in your life, and then share it with other people.  Music is a joy that just….well, it just makes you smile and feel good.  It does me anyway. 😉


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