Music That Soothes the Savage Beast

Each of us has a beast within us.  One that sometimes desires to on a rampage and take out everything in its path.  Lately, the beast within me has be raging, and at times it is so hard to keep it in check and muzzled.  I have found that for me, the best way to keep that beast at bay and to soothe it is with music.  Now, depending on what has transpired throughout the day sometimes determines the type of music that the beast prefers.  However, there is one group that the beast will calm down to and even sit back and smile.

I have commented a lot on Facebook and posted video links about the band Il Divo.  This band is the soothing balm for the beast no matter when, no matter what.  I can listen to a song by these amazing men and the beast will smile.  Now, while I love the band itself, I have to say that it is tenor vocalist Urs Buhler’s voice that is the true tranquilizer dart.  Every time I hear that voice, the beast is down for the count.

While you might think that I am insane, stop and evaluate yourself and what kind of music you tend to listen to when you are upset.  Think about the change that takes place within yourself as that music takes effect.  In the bible it tells the story of David and Saul.  When Saul was troubled in his spirit, he would have David come play his harp and it would bring him peace.  There is so much power in music.  It inspires us, it soothes the beast, it reminds us of the one we loved, or of the heartbreak of love lost.  Music marks some of the most important moments in our lives.  Graduation, weddings, funerals… is such a part of our everyday lives.  Where would we be without it?  How out of control could that beast within become without the power of music to soothe it?

The first video that I have included is my all time favorite Il Divo song.  There is such power in this piece.  Urs is the opening vocals of the song.  I invite you to listen to these and let the music wash over your raging beast, and let it be soothed.  Enjoy!!


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