Poisoning Pigeons in the Park

This morning I decided to do something completely random and hit the shuffle button on my iPod and picked the first song to come up to write about.  Out of the numerous songs, ranging from just about every genre there is, the one the showed up was “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park” by Tom Lehrer.  In all honesty, I was so NOT expecting that song to be the one to be the first one out the box.  No matter though, because I love this song, giggle every time I hear it, and it brings back some great memories of Dr. Demento.

As I am a huge Dr. D fan, I have heard so many different crazy and wacky songs in my day, but this has to be one of my favorites.  Not only is it funny, there is great piano playing and it is very lyrical.  All the humor aside, Tom Lehrer proves the point that music and academics go hand in hand.  When you hear a song like this, you wouldn’t think it’s author to be a mathematician as well as a composer.  This is a man who earned his AB mathematics degree from Harvard at the age of 19, and received his MA degree the next year.  As a musician, he is an early version of Weird Al, specializing in the art of parody of popular songs.

For more information about Tom Lehrer, check out this link to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Lehrer.  It provides some interesting information about this amazing satirical, mathematical, musician.


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