Braving Jr High Band Students

Today, I am heading to Marlow with the 5-8th grade band students who are going to solo contest.  Should be an interesting trip 😉  Talk about taking bravery to a whole new level.  I know as I have 3 Jr high students!!!  I’m very excited for those who are competing for the very first time.  Solo contest is a great experience for kids and not just on a musical level.  It builds self confidence, a sense of self worth, self esteem and bravery.

Unlike playing with the group or on a team, solos put you in the spotlight and on display, and is NOT an easy thing to do.  No matter how amazing or not so amazing a student does, PLEASE NEVER tear down a student for it.  Constructive criticism in where you help them is one thing, making fun is something completely different.  Just getting up in front of a judge and/or a crowd should always be commended.

SO, good luck today students.  I hope you all get superior ratings.  And even if you don’t, I’m super proud of you anyway!!!

………………To be continued


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