No More Boring Band Concerts

After having performed through 8 years of band myself and 7 so far with my kids, I finally got to the point of “enough is enough” concerning concert band.  Every school band concert is the same.  You sit through the younger bands sets of squeaks and squawks, looking at the watch wondering “Is it over yet?”  You endure the time it takes for the bands to transition to and from the stage and you are bored out of your mind.  It’s ok to admit, honest.  It’s boring for the students, it’s boring for the parents, so WHY does concert band have to be like this?  Well, it doesn’t!

We are in the process of re-defining what our school’s concert season is all about.  Concert season for us will NO LONGER be the same old, same old.  We are heading in a new direction.  Concert season is about to become as fun and amazing as marching season…..if not a little more so.

This year’s concert theme is “Blue Carpet Movie Event”, featuring music from some of cinema’s biggest films.  The great part, is not just the high school band gets to be featured and recognized as a star.  We are showing our community that all of the musicians of the school, all the way down to the 4th graders who play the recorder are stars.  But for all of this to make sense, I’ll have to break it down a bit more.

PROPS:  Each student 4-12 each have their own “Hollywood Star” with their name on it.  Giant box of popcorn.  Giant movie ticket.  Movie reels with film that will curl up around the main doors into the auditorium.  In the film will be pictures of the high school band members.  Posters with quotes from some of the different movies.  One of the art students made a jet for “Top Gun”, The Enterprise for “Star Trek” and is currently working on a pirate ship for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl”.  For “Pirates there will also be waves that the 6th grade students will be using in front of the stage.  There will also also be a table that has “classic movie” memorabilia, including black and white photos of:  John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Bing Crosby.   Film biographies of:  Judy Garland, Errol Flynn and Bing Crosby.  An old school camera and copies of some classic DVD’s.  The 5th grade will have their own props including straw hats and posters for audience participation.  We’re also working on the velvet ropes block off the “blue carpet” and a marquee sign for outside.

SPECIAL EFFECTS:  “Star Trek”:  Mushroom Light and Fog Machine.  “Pirates” Ship, Waves and Fog Machine.  “Top Gun” Buzzing the Tower.  “The Pink Panther”  Watch out for the thief!!  “James Bond” The intro like you’ve never seen it before.  The “A-Team”  If you remember the intro from the TV show…it’s been re-written for the band 😉  and “Northern Exposure” in which we will create the Northern Lights.

CHARACTERS:  We will have characters representing the different movies.  Some of the band will be dressed as different characters, but if everything works out, we will have guest “celebrity” appearances as well.  I almost forgot to mention that the “Sonic Coke” will be there wandering around as well 😀

COMMERCIALS:  To make the transition between bands less boring, we are making commercials to play.  The curtain to the stage will be drawn, so the audience will not have to watch the bands trade places.  We will show them the different commercials about upcoming events, keeping music in our schools, and about our Drum Line and Color Guard.

MERCHANDISE/DONATIONS:  We will have a table set up for donations with pictures showing what the band’s “Most Wanted” (and needed) items are, and what the public’s donations will be going to.  There will also be a merchandise table set up with marching show shirts, instruction books and other items for sale.

DOOR PRIZES:  If all of this wasn’t enough, there will be 2 door prizes given away.  1 child and 1 adult prize.  You MUST be present to win a door prize.

I am so excited about this upcoming concert and I can’t wait to see the end result as well as the community’s reaction.  Shows like this take a lot of team work, coordination, rehearsal and support.  So, an early shout out thanks to:  Garrison Lumber, Sonic, Luckenbills, TCM Photography,  Stoehr Wire Rope, The Band Boosters, Directors and Assistants, but most of all the students. (If there is anyone I have forgotten, I apologize, but please know we are so very thankful for your support of the band program.)


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