A Whole New World

After having already tried a different blog site and have found that the majority of the users I cam in contact with had nothing but vicious, vindictive things to say about other people’s posts or would use other people’s blogs as personal battle grounds, I decided that particular site wasn’t for me.  I’m hoping that this time around I will not run into the same issues.  So, here I am, in a whole new world, keeping my fingers crossed that those who take the time to read what I write will be respectful to what I have to say, even if they don’t agree with me, just as I will be respectful of what they write.
With all of that being said, I’m hoping that the majority of my focus will be towards music and the importance of keeping music in our schools. Of course, I may drift away from this topic should different inspiration hit me, but I really will try to keep it to the point of music.
I don’t know what music is to you, but to me it is essential for life.  I can’t go a day without it.  It is nourishment to my soul.  It is the silver lining when I’m having a bad day because I can get list in a song that will inspire or lift me up to think of other things.  Music conveys happiness, passion, loneliness, love, hate……every emotion that a person can feel can be portrayed musically in some form or another.
I grew up singing, played saxophone in band and now am a band mom….hence the name “Mama Cross”.  It’s what all my band kids call me.  I have four boys of my own who are in band as well and they all play different instruments.  My oldest plays soprano, alto, and tenor sax, one of my twins plays flute and piccolo, the other plays trombone and my youngest plays trumpet.  I have my own mini band. 🙂  My passions are being poured into helping keep their band program thriving in the midst of massive budget cuts.  Into helping develop extreme, awesome marching and concert shows. (I’ll go into more detail about our upcoming concert event in a different post.)
Band and music programs are so vital and important.  Kids who are in band score higher on standardized tests, especially in math and in reading.  Band and music stir up creativity within you.  It gives you a sense of pride that you hadn’t felt before.  Dedication, Commitment, Discipline …………. these are terms that go hand in hand with band.

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